Drinking Water and Weight Loss – What You Need to Know


By Jeannie Ryan

With more than 50% of us trying to lose weight; one option to help lose those unwanted pounds is by drinking water. There are claims that drinking water will help with weight loss. Even though we are aware that in order to lose weight we need to burn more calories than we eat, where does water come in, what weight loss benefits could we possibly get from drinking water? To name but a few, it reduces hunger, it’s a natural appetite suppressant especially if consumed before a meal, and it gives us energy which boosts are metabolic rate which in turn makes our metabolism burn calories much faster. These are all excellent reasons to include water in your weight loss plan.

On another note, there are many other benefits to drinking water, to name but a few; younger looking skin, cleans your liver, helps your digestion, constipation and enhances your brain function which keeps you alert. One thing you need to do if you want to be successful at losing weight, you should be cutting out carbonated soft drinks. They contain sugar, artificial ingredients and empty calories. You should probably be cutting out diet soda as well, they may have zero calories but they trigger your brain to believe that it’s getting sugar which makes the brain crave more and the cravings don’t stop until they are satisfied.

If you are wondering just how much water should you drink per day, there is no standard answer. It really does depends on your age, activity level, health and many more factors, but if you want a good rule of thumb you can take your weight and divide it in two and the number is the amount of ounces you should consume per day.

Mostly only athletes or people competing in water drinking contests have to worry about intoxication (hyper hydration) there have been a few known cases and this is the result of the normal balance of electrolytes in your body go beyond their limits due to over consumption of water.

You should make water a part of your daily schedule; you can maybe start the day with a glass of water and one before each meal. If you don’t drink a lot of water now you can start slowly, because at first when you attempt to drink your daily requirement you probably will have to go to the bathroom repeatedly and that’s because your bladder is adjusting itself to the new quantity of water. Which is another great benefit where water is concern, it flushes out your system.

For those who do not enjoy the taste of water, this usually happens because they drink unfiltered tap water. Perhaps you can try buying spring water; there are different brands so you might want to try purchasing a few until you find the brand that suits your taste.

Back to water and weight loss; let us keep in mind that you cannot replace food with water, it is a complement to your diet and to your health. You should consider leaving the fruit juices and soda’s for only special occasions if at all. Have a nice glass or bottle of water before your dinner or during and you’ll notice your appetite shrinking and a feeling of fullness.

Sipping water throughout your day will improve your brain function and once you’ve gotten the hang of drinking water regularly you’ll notice if you cut down that you’ll suffer from lethargy and headaches. Water is a natural source that all of us need. Using water for weight loss is a win-win situation and will definitely help you shed those pounds.

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